I have become a huge fan of backyard weddings after this past 2020 year. Covid sucks, don’t get me wrong, but i am grateful how it has opened the eyes of many people, including myself to how amazing intimate weddings are.

This summer 2020 backyard wedding was perfect. The perfect day, the perfect weather, the perfect people. I don’t think the weather could have played out any more perfect for these two. I love summer, but the sun can sometimes be too much. This day, It was sunny and warm, but the clouds hit just at the right times as to block the sun from blinding anyone. They even got a sprinkle of rain, which is said to be good luck on your wedding day.

My second shooter and I started off the day with getting ready photos before meeting up to capture the first look! Which was magical btw. After all of that was done, including snapping some couples photos at the first look location, we drove back to the ceremony + reception location, which happened to be K + B’s backyard. The details that went into this space were unbelievable. Every little detail was so perfectly thought out. From the beautiful wooden arch lined with macrame plant hangers, to the custom engraved benches and the liquor filled canoe. I loved it all. I wish i could upload 100 photos to this blog of the backyard decor because it was that good.

After the “I-do’s”, the amazing food + homemade pies by K’s Grandma and family formals, we headed out to finish off the evening with some sunset portraits. The sunset was really showing off for them that night, it may have been the best one of 2020.

I could go on and on, but i’ll leave my rambling at that and let the photos below do the rest of the talking.

If you’re worried, confused, unsure of what to do with your 2021 wedding, don’t be afraid to consider scaling it down and planning something spectacular in your own back yard this summer.

xx, Sara

Brides Dress: novellebridal.com

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