Back in February I had the pleasure of meeting with Calley, Charles and Presley to document the pregnancy of their soon to be newest addition to the family. I had originally met Calley back in 2013 but she had moved away to Calgary, so I was super excited when the opportunity arose for her to travel to Edmonton to see me! We had originally planned for an outdoor session, but as we inched closer to the weekend of their trip, the weather forecast became a concern. We decided to book studio space at The Studio St. Albert to be safe and agreed we would travel to an outdoor location afterwards to get some dreamy snow shots if it wasn’t too cold. Thankfully, we had the studio space as it ended up being -28 and FREEZING with strong winds that day. The session went flawlessly and we all had such a great time! Calley and Charles were naturals in front of the camera. I absolutely adored how Charles was cracking jokes and being silly to get Calley to laugh throughout the entire session. Recently these two have welcomed their baby GIRL into the world and I couldn’t be more happy for them! Congratulations again sweet family.

Sara, xo


Girl! This makes me want to have another baby…almost.

Me too…. oops lol!

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